Curating and featuring the best rising Comedians & Musicians.

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Each event runs about 90 minutes once it starts.

Our typical format:

5 to 15 minutes of stand-up comedy
Musical guest's 1st performance
30 to 60 minutes of stand-up comedy
Musical guest's 2nd performance

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Thursday, December 26th, 2019 Ann Arbor, MI Open Floor Studio
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A few posters from previous events:

About Full Metal Events

We love comedy and we love music.
We think they belong together in one event.
We want to share what we love with our audiences!


We find some artists by scouring the internet and some artists find us. Unless an artist has been seen by someone from Full Metal Events, they are required to submit a video.

Although you may be offended by an artist's material, we try NOT to select performers that are offensive for the sake of being offensive.


Many of our stand-up comedians have featured and headlined at comedy clubs like Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle and comedy festivals like Laughing Skull. We also regularly feature comedians that have been on Netflix and Comedy Central.


Previous musical guests include lead guitarists of multi platinum selling 90's grunge bands, neo-soul musicians that have had their music videos played at sold out theaters, rappers with Ph.Ds in cell biology (excellent combination of art and science), and a multi-instrumentalist that has somehow fused together folk, rock, rap, and electronic.

Full Metal Events started in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

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